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Innsmouth Gold was formed by Rob Poyton as a creative outlet for a range of Lovecraftian projects, ranging from art, to writing, to music. Following a succesful launch with three music albums, in early 2016 IG published their first book, Remnants, a collection of ghost stories.  This year they plan to release three more books, along with some new music projects and a range of artwork.


Born and raised in East London, Rob is a musician, writer and martial arts Instructor.He plays Hammond organ and keyboards in several bands, both in the UK and in Europe. He recently set up his own label, Wardrobe Records, in order to produce and release a wide range of albums that reflect his own tastes in music.

Rob began training  in judo and boxing as a young boy and has studied martial arts for many years. He is currently one of the leading UK Instructors in the Russian art of Systema. As well as classes he also runs workshops in the UK and Europe and has produced a range of books and training films.

More recently he began writing, releasing his first book Remnants in early 2017. Rob has been a fan of fantasy, horror and sci fi since first reading a Conan story  at the age of 13, then moving into Lovecraft, Tolkien and all the other “greats”.

He was a keen wargamer and RPGer for many years and still has, locked away, the First Edition of Dungeons & Dragons as well as numerous figures, armies and rule books.

Rob currently lives in rural North Beds with his wife and a small menagerie of cats, dogs and chickens.