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Innsmouth Gold plans to publish fiction and non-fiction work in the fields of horror, fantasy and sci-fi. If you have a book you would like published, please contact us for further details.


Autumn 2017

Vol 1 of a blistering new Sword & Sorcery series The Wolf Who Would be King.
When a young thief attempts a robbery at the Royal Palace he gets more than he bargained for - a meeting with the King! But this is no average King, he was once a thief himself.
And so begins the saga of a young barbarian turned thief and his first forays into the ancient civilisation of Adelphis.

The first title in a new, gritty military sci fi series.
Naylor is a Lander, part of the elite unit who freefall from low atmosphere onto the battlefield. A veteran of three tours, he gets the opportunity to join and lead a new project - Assault Team 5, a secret unit formed for special ops. Calling in old colleagues and other experts he forms and trains the new unit and they are soon operational in the many hot spots out on the Rim.
But when they receive an assignment to investigate a remote research station, things take a turn for the worse!

Winter 2017

Following on from the incidents in The Dunwich Nightmare, (Remnants, 2016) Marcus and Suzy flee to London to continue their undercover investigations. Part of East Anglia is now an irradiated wasteland following a so-called “terrorist attack” on Sizewell Nuclear Power Plant. The truth is known to only a few but Suzy is determined to spread it. However, a new and larger threat looms as the CERN Gateway comes into operation and contact is made with the Great Old Ones who wait beyond……



The East Anglia Fens are place of
mystery and imagination.

The spectral landscape broods under a wide sky. Lonely roads lead to ruined abbeys. Narrow tracks  meander off into the marshes.
The fog draws suddenly in and there is the always the ever-present, deep, dark water.

Drawing influence from the works
of  MR James and HP Lovecraft
as well as local myth and folklore, author Robert C Poyton has
written thirteen tales set in and around the Fens.

From the truth of what actually happened to King John in The Wash, to the modern day Dunwich Nightmare, these stories will chill you to the bone.

Time to take a walk into the
haunting beauty of the Fens.

Available direct or via Amazon
202 pages, paperback
or PDF download


1. Remnants
2. Caxton Gibbet
3. Cobwebs & Dust
4. The Scarecrow
5. Fenland Ground is
Soft for Digging
6. Mission 13
7. The Squire
8. The Confession of Brother Simon
9. You Haunt Me
10. Willow Drove End
11. The Butterfly
12. The Fen Hound
13. The Dunwich Nightmare